Food Applications

Elevate your food safety standards with our cutting-edge food applications, designed for effortless cleanliness. Our products boast FDA and EU food compatibility certificates, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance. Explore a new era of culinary excellence with our premium, washable solutions.


Gates PosiClean – CenterClean – FlatClean

Discover the future of food transfer with Gates PosiClean, CenterClean, and FlatClean – the latest innovations in conveyor technology. Introducing the second generation of food-compatible conveyors by Gates Mectrol, these polyurethane belts redefine your options by seamlessly integrating modular belt and ThermoDrive solutions.

Say goodbye to complications in lengthy production lines and welcome faster service within Turkey through the exclusive partnership of Orhan Sanayi Beleks and Gates. Gates PosiClean thermoplastic polyurethane conveyors stand out from the rest with a host of exceptional features:

✔ Reinforced structure with closed Kevlar/Aramid cord

✔ Special PU padding resistant to cuts and scratches

✔ Formulation that withstands chemicals and cleaners

✔ Tailored raw material mixture for cold applications

✔ Easily weldable thermoplastic structure

✔ Convenient assembly sets and applications

Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability in food transportation with Gates PosiClean – where cutting-edge technology meets superior design.

Meat Solutions

Experience the epitome of sector-specific solutions with our Meat Industry Solutions – the most comprehensive offering tailored to meet the unique demands of the meat industry. Delve into specialized processing and packaging solutions meticulously crafted for the red meat, chicken, and fish sectors. Simplify your sourcing by obtaining all your conveyors, belts, and related components from a singular, reliable source. Our products outshine competitors across all facets of processed or unprocessed meat industry lines.

Key Advantages:

✔ Streamline your supply chain with a one-stop solution for all production lines.

✔ Elevate production efficiency through the integration of cutting-edge technologies.

✔ Reduce reliance on machinery manufacturers for spare parts, enhancing operational autonomy.

✔ Safeguard your brand and consumers with superior food safety measures.

✔ Amplify business profitability with improved microbiology results, ensuring quality at every step.

Choose Meat Industry Solutions for a seamless, efficient, and superior approach to meat processing and packaging.

Food Conveyor Solutions

Introducing Food Conveyor Solutions with the pinnacle of performance – Premium and standard TPU conveyor solutions featuring BanderBand, a registered trademark of Orhan Sanayi Kayışları. Harnessing the power of new-generation TPU materials, our conveyors not only ensure food compatibility but also boast sustainable antimicrobial properties. Experience the epitome of conveyor excellence with BanderBand, the trailblazer in premium TPU conveyors in Turkey. Set apart from the competition, BanderBand food conveyors offer a myriad of distinctive features:

✔ Exceptional durability stemming from a special TPU structure

✔ Guarantee of sustainable food safety through antimicrobial formulation

✔ Enhanced washability facilitated by water-repellent layers

✔ Superior chemical and cleaner resistance for heightened reliability

✔ Seamless transition to a closed structure, complemented by edge closure options

Elevate your conveyor experience with Food Conveyor Solutions, where innovation meets resilience, setting new standards in the realm of TPU conveyors.

Food Compatible Timing Belts

Enter the realm of Food-Compatible Timing Belts, where precision meets culinary compliance.

Our timing belts, now seamlessly aligned with food standards, are crafted to perfection. Available in T10 and T5 tooth profiles, these belts feature six distinct surface patterns, underpinned by closed Kevlar cords that inherently adhere to food safety regulations. Ideal for applications demanding pinpoint precision and reliable transportation in the food industry, our timing belts outshine standard counterparts and coated food belts.

Key Features:

✔ Closed Kevlar/Aramid cord structure ensures robust performance.

✔ Six self-standard surface forms cater to diverse application needs.

✔ Production capability extends up to 200mm width, offering versatility.

✔ FDA and EU food compliance documents provide assurance of quality.

Experience the fusion of precision and culinary conformity with our Food-Compatible Timing Belts—setting a new standard where reliability, innovation, and compliance converge.

Geniş Ürün Çeşitliliği

Gates PosiClean serisi homojen TPU konveyörler, Ortech özel poliüretan kayış çözümleri, Esband tartı bantları, BanderBand gıda uyumlu TPU konveyörler ile gıda uygulamalarında komple çözümler sağlıyoruz.

Profesyonel ve Yenilikçi Uygulamalar

Orhan Sanayi Kayışlarını 40 yıllık kayış deneyimi ile ürünleri uygulamalar ile birleştiriyor. Et, süt, peynir, kuru bakliyat, makarna, ekmek gibi pek çok sektörde kullanılabilir farklı çözümler sunuyoruz.

Gıda Güvenliği ve Servis

Gıda güvenliği süreçlerinizde kullanabilmeniz için FDA ve EU gıda uygunluk belgelerine sahip ürünler kullanılmaktadır. Hat dönüşümlerinizde veya bakımlarınızda yerinde servis, tespit ve analiz gibi hizmetler ile doğru çözümü aldığınızdan emin oluyoruz.

Reliable, Experienced, Accurate, and Knowledgeable

Leveraging 40 years of product and application experience, OSK is dedicated to serving its customers in belt systems. Providing the most precise products and solutions, the company offers reliable and accurate knowledge. Backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, customers can swiftly access accurate information and effectively address queries and issues. The company’s application engineering infrastructure assists customers with technical calculations and tables. Through training activities, it contributes to the personnel training of customers in belt systems, design, product types, and maintenance and repair activities.

Solution-Oriented Customer Services

Orhan Sanayi Belts is committed to making a positive impact on its customers’ spare parts and product supply processes through solution-oriented process management. Recognizing that accessing products and services can sometimes be a challenging process for purchasing and technical units, the company’s primary objective is to offer swift solutions to alleviate customers in such situations. Leveraging deep technical product knowledge and 40 years of machinery and application experience across various sectors, the company produces tailored product and service solutions.