Special Sections and Applications

Polyurethane belts with special section geometries find applications in various industries, particularly in “Carry/Conveyor” scenarios, due to their ease of use and straightforward installation. The broad range of applications has contributed to increased product diversity. These belts can be manufactured in the desired color, material, quality, and geometry. Examples of such belts include T-section profile belts, Poly-V channel belts, internal V belts, brush belts, and specially coated (linatex, sylomer, super grip, etc.) polyurethane V belts (refer to Coating Materials).

T Profile Blue FDA

T Profile Blue Transparent FDA

T Profile Green

Poly-V Profile

Corn Strap

Brushed Belt

Linatex V Belt

Supergrip V Belt

Turkey’s Polyurethane Belt Expert with 40 Years of Experience

Introducing ‘Ortech’ Belt Solutions, the brand from Orhan Sanayi Belts, where 40 years of industrial belts expertise converges with polyurethane belts and specialized production. Pioneering numerous production techniques in Turkey, it stands as the first and only implementer. With patented special solutions and extensive technical knowledge, ‘Ortech’ serves as the trusted solution partner for customers in the field of polyurethane industrial belts. Proudly an Authorized Manufacturer of Gates Polyurethane Timing Belts since 2007.

Infinite Geometric and Material Choices

Benefiting from our expertise in polyurethane belts and practical experience across various applications, we provide a diverse selection of V-section polyurethane belts to our clients. Offering three distinct cord support alternatives and over 10 material options, you have the flexibility to utilize polyurethane belts in your preferred color and quality, tailored to the specific hardness you desire.

Impeccable Manufacturing Using Premium Materials

Extrusion belts with sectional profiles are meticulously crafted through advanced polyurethane material processing technology in collaboration with Europe’s foremost raw material manufacturers. It stands out significantly from similar products, excelling in strength due to its material quality, displaying superior performance through geometric precision, and boasting aesthetic appeal with a consistent surface texture.