Guide Applications

Guide applications are specialized processes implemented to prevent axial shifts in timing belts, particularly favored in ‘Carry/Conveyor’ applications that demand precise positioning or extend over significant lengths.

At OSK, we provide our customers with a choice of 5 different guidance systems beyond the standard options.


PU/PVC Guides

Our PU/PVC guides, featuring standard “V” and square shapes, are carefully welded to the tooth area of the belts. The guide protrusion in the tooth area ensures that your belt stays within the axis, preventing oscillations for enhanced stability.

Self-Guiding Timing Belts

This type of guidance, in the form of a “V” in the middle part, is produced simultaneously with the belt. It is chosen in situations that demand measurement precision compared to later-applied V guides. With its serrated structure compatible with the teeth, pulley diameters remain unaffected. Its ease of application and consistent results make it suitable for OEM applications.

Precision Guide Channels

A specialized guidance option enabling guidance through gears, Precision Guide Channels deliver more precise results compared to applications using PU/PVC guides. The emphasis in this application is on processing precision, requiring the placement of a special guide collar on the gear.

Extruded Guides

This highly technical and innovative method is applied to the tooth area of the belt. Through this process, guides with the desired geometry can be achieved in the tooth area of the belt. It’s important to note that this method is specifically suitable for high-volume or OEM products.

Back Guidance

Guiding the belts is not limited to the tooth area; it can also be achieved from the back area. Square or “V” shaped strips made of polyurethane or PVC material are used for this purpose. While back guidance is generally simpler, it may involve additional parts during assembly.

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