Machining and Mechanical Operations

Belts that necessitate machining and mechanical processing find predominant use in ‘Carry/Conveyor’ applications demanding vacuum, guiding, or stacking features.

Machining and mechanical operations represent specialized applications that mandate positional and geometric precision. Successfully executing these tasks involves the skilled application of various production techniques. At Orhan Sanayi Beleks, we bring together our trained and qualified personnel with over 20 years of belt processing experience to ensure the production of high-quality, precision products

Computer-Aided Processing

Executing machining and mechanical operations on belts demands exceptional precision and meticulous attention. In our workshop, equipped with over 20 years of production experience, we employ computer-aided machining centers specifically tailored for belt processing. This ensures both positional and geometric precision in the applied processes.

Precise, Fast, and Quality

Machining a belt is a delicate, challenging, and non-standard task. Drawing from over 20 years of experience, we possess the expertise needed for precise belt processing. Our commitment to fast and accurate production, facilitated by computer-aided fully automatic machines, ensures the delivery of European-quality products. 

All in One Solution Partner for Everything

Machining and mechanical operations encompass various processes such as drilling, water jet cutting, slicing, milling, grooving, and tooth reduction. With our extensive machinery and advanced production capabilities in the workshop, we offer a comprehensive, all in one solution, handling all operations seamlessly from a single source.

Our Capabilities

Drilling, Shaving, Sanding, Milling, Thickness Calibration, Grooving, Thread Reduction, Water Jet Cutting, Countersinking, Slicing, Splitting, Angle Machining, etc.

Turkey’s Polyurethane Belt Expert with 40 Years of Experience

Introducing ‘Ortech’ Belt Solutions, the brand from Orhan Sanayi Belts, where 40 years of industrial belts expertise converges with polyurethane belts and specialized production. Pioneering numerous production techniques in Turkey, it stands as the first and only implementer. With patented special solutions and extensive technical knowledge, ‘Ortech’ serves as the trusted solution partner for customers in the field of polyurethane industrial belts. Proudly an Authorized Manufacturer of Gates Polyurethane Timing Belts since 2007.