Connection Plates

They are frequently used to connect polyurethane timing belts in ‘Linear’ or ‘Lift’ applications and can be made of aluminum, plastic, or iron materials. The precision of processing and the gap status of the plates are crucial for both the clamping power and the system’s overall gap.

At OSK, we leverage our 40 years of industrial belt experience and machining capabilities to manufacture connection plates, providing them to our customers.

Contact us promptly to discover the most suitable connection plate and tension system for your application.

Turkey’s Polyurethane Belt Expert with 40 Years of Experience

Introducing ‘Ortech’ Belt Solutions, the brand from Orhan Sanayi Belts, where 40 years of industrial belts expertise converges with polyurethane belts and specialized production. Pioneering numerous production techniques in Turkey, it stands as the first and only implementer. With patented special solutions and extensive technical knowledge, ‘Ortech’ serves as the trusted solution partner for customers in the field of polyurethane industrial belts. Proudly an Authorized Manufacturer of Gates Polyurethane Timing Belts since 2007.

Sensitivity-Strength-Lightness” with 4 Different Connection Systems

Enhance the strength, practicality, and lightness of your connections with our 4 different connection options. Our special fastening systems allow you to secure and tighten your straps effectively. Combat stretching and gaps while boosting movement sensitivity through the special double-threaded binding option. Moreover, reduce the overall system weight by incorporating plastic/aluminum connection plates.

The Supplier for All Materials

Gathering mechanical parts for your machines from multiple suppliers can result in both time wastage and variations in quality. At Orhan Sanayi Belts, we provide you with various components such as gears, pulleys, connection plates, and guide channels used in your belt systems from a single source.