Easy Assembly Applications

Replacing timing belts during maintenance typically involves disassembling the machine either partially or completely. Undertaking such tasks, especially in challenging or confined spaces, consumes a significant amount of time, labor, and consequently, money.

At OSK, we offer innovative solutions capable of reducing the time required for a typical belt replacement, regardless of complexity, to less than 10 minutes.

If you operate in demanding maintenance environments with extended downtime, reach out to our application engineers promptly to discover the most suitable solution for your needs.


PL (Pin Lock) Addition Method

The PL (Pin Lock) Addition Method is a practical multi-pin attachment technique employed to facilitate belt replacement without the need for machine dismantling, saving both time and labor. This method involves interlocking the two specially cut ends of the belt, securing it by screwing through the specifically drilled screw holes in the teeth. As a result, belt replacement can be accomplished swiftly and efficiently.

PPL (Power Pin Lock) Attachment Method

The Power Pin Lock (PPL) Attachment Method, a patented innovation, enables the swift addition of the strap using a single pin instead of multiple pins. The attachment process takes less than 10 minutes. This unique method, both non-disassemblable and as durable as the belts themselves, simplifies maintenance tasks. Its versatility extends to coated belts, significantly expanding its range of applications compared to Pin Lock.

SPL (Super Pin Lock) Attachment Method

The SPL (Super Pin Lock) Attachment Method is a specialized pin attachment technique designed for rubber belts that facilitate power transfer within the system.

Field Mounting Kit (FMK)

With the Field Mounting Kit, you can conveniently install the desired belt onto the system in approximately 30 minutes.

Adding with Plate

This method involves making the belt endless by combining the lower tooth-shaped connection part of the synchronous belt with the metal connection part at the top.

Turkey’s Polyurethane Belt Expert with 40 Years of Experience

Introducing ‘Ortech’ Belt Solutions, the brand from Orhan Sanayi Belts, where 40 years of industrial belts expertise converges with polyurethane belts and specialized production. Pioneering numerous production techniques in Turkey, it stands as the first and only implementer. With patented special solutions and extensive technical knowledge, ‘Ortech’ serves as the trusted solution partner for customers in the field of polyurethane industrial belts. Proudly an Authorized Manufacturer of Gates Polyurethane Timing Belts since 2007.