Linear Motion / Linear Systems

Linear motion applications offer unlimited solutions with two different product ranges. With over 100 different products, we provide solutions for all power and speed options in linear systems, offering various tooth profiles, pitches, colors, and wire options. Our products, manufactured with high precision for compact or larger linear systems, operate with low particle generation, ensuring error-free operation. The special polyurethane chemical structure and patented fabric construction effectively prevent high noise and squealing issues.

Select Your Linear Motion Belt

Gates Open End Polyurethane Timing Belts

Gates Open End Polyurethane Timing Belts form an extensive and versatile product group, offering over 100 variations with diverse tooth forms, pitch, color, quality, and cord options. Most of these belts are readily available as standard stock items. Known for their precision and swift positioning capabilities, they are a preferred choice over chain systems due to their lightweight nature, lack of need for lubrication and maintenance, cleanliness, and energy-saving features.

Gates BFL Series Flat Polyurethane Belts

Gates BFL Series Flat Polyurethane Belts are manufactured in 5 different thicknesses, utilizing 3 raw material options and 5 cord options as standard. This product group offers a wide range of diversity. It is particularly well-suited for push-pull systems requiring rapid movement and high power. In comparison to rope systems, it prevents wear on pulleys and rollers due to its polyurethane support, avoids sudden breaks with its pre-tensioned structure, and remains unaffected by corrosion owing to its closed structure. Additionally, its gripping surface prevents skidding on pulleys or drums, contributing to energy savings.

Reliable, Experienced, Accurate, and Knowledgeable

Leveraging 40 years of product and application experience, OSK is dedicated to serving its customers in belt systems. Providing the most precise products and solutions, the company offers reliable and accurate knowledge. Backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, customers can swiftly access accurate information and effectively address queries and issues. The company’s application engineering infrastructure assists customers with technical calculations and tables. Through training activities, it contributes to the personnel training of customers in belt systems, design, product types, and maintenance and repair activities.

Solution-Oriented Customer Services

Orhan Sanayi Belts is committed to making a positive impact on its customers’ spare parts and product supply processes through solution-oriented process management. Recognizing that accessing products and services can sometimes be a challenging process for purchasing and technical units, the company’s primary objective is to offer swift solutions to alleviate customers in such situations. Leveraging deep technical product knowledge and 40 years of machinery and application experience across various sectors, the company produces tailored product and service solutions.