Power Transfer / Transmission

Our offerings encompass four distinct product categories tailored for power transmission applications. Whether you require toothed or spur pulleys, we provide a variety of power transmission belts to meet your specific needs. Our belts are designed to address concerns such as belt breaks, pulley dislodgement, flange throwing, dust accumulation, excessive noise, squealing, and skidding issues in your machinery. We are committed to delivering solutions that ensure position accuracy, high-speed performance, robust power transmission, and durability for your machines.

Select Your Power Transfer Belt

Gates Superflex® Polyurethane Timing Belt

T5 – T10 – T20 – AT5 – AT10 – AT20 – HTD5M – HTD8M HTD14M – L – H

Available in tooth profiles and pitches ranging from ~1,500mm to 12,500mm, Gates Superflex® Polyurethane Timing Belt can be customized with a variety of tooth profiles and pitches. With options for 5 different cords and a TPU-based design, it is ideal for applications demanding high power. Double-sided variations are also offered to cater to specific requirements.

Gates Polyurethane Timing Belt

T2.5 – T5 – T10 – AT5 – AT10 – L – H

Manufactured with steel wire or Kevlar, Gates Polyurethane Timing Belt is available in fixed tooth sizes and profiles. It serves as an optimal solution for small and precise power transmissions and can be produced up to approximately 2100mm in length.

For information on standard production lengths for various tooth profiles, please contact us.

Bander Polyamide Layered Flat Tangential Belts

Manufactured with polyamide layered surfaces of varying thickness, rubber, leather, and fabric, these belts provide solutions for all power classes through a diverse range of products created with various combinations. They are commonly chosen for applications involving knocking or impact operations.


They are true endless carcass knitted flat belts with 4 different fabric options and more than 20 covering material options. It works easily even on the smallest diameter pulleys with its customizable and special knitted carcass structure. Thanks to its truly endless structure, it does not stretch and provides long-lasting use in high power needs.

Reliable, Experienced, Accurate, and Knowledgeable

Leveraging 40 years of product and application experience, OSK is dedicated to serving its customers in belt systems. Providing the most precise products and solutions, the company offers reliable and accurate knowledge. Backed by a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals, customers can swiftly access accurate information and effectively address queries and issues. The company’s application engineering infrastructure assists customers with technical calculations and tables. Through training activities, it contributes to the personnel training of customers in belt systems, design, product types, and maintenance and repair activities.

Solution-Oriented Customer Services

Orhan Sanayi Belts is committed to making a positive impact on its customers’ spare parts and product supply processes through solution-oriented process management. Recognizing that accessing products and services can sometimes be a challenging process for purchasing and technical units, the company’s primary objective is to offer swift solutions to alleviate customers in such situations. Leveraging deep technical product knowledge and 40 years of machinery and application experience across various sectors, the company produces tailored product and service solutions.